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tv   Studio B With Shepard Smith  FOX News  July 13, 2011 3:00pm-4:00pm EDT

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where does she go? reports of a new name, a new home and possibly a new look coming up. box two, republicans and democrats have yet to reach a deal on raising the debt ceiling. but now the president could soon have the power to lift it. new details on the heated debate. in box number throw, a stun gun on a plane. one of tens of throughs of security breaches in recent years. the new numbers and what they mean for your safety. that's ahead unless breaking news changes everything. but a fox news urgent, at 3:00, a series of coordinated bombings left blood flowing on the streets of mumbai, where militants killed 166 people in a siege nearly three years ago. the end can government blames terrorists for today's attack. we are told there were three separate explosions in three different neighborhoods. all in minutes of each other.
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21 people reported killed and at least 11 wounded. images coming into the newsroom showing victims lying dead on the ground as the dust settle asked crowds gathered. the wounded loaded into trucks and taxis headed for the hospital. the triple bombing is the first junior attack in mumbai since the massacre in 2008 when two luxury hotels were targeted. officials blame that attack on militant groups based in mack -- in pakistan. any word on who is responsible? >> officials are waiting for claims of responsibility with nothing has materialized. it is coordinated and showing sophisticated operation. one believes that the group with loose ties to pakistani may be
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responsible. >> with a dramatic attack like this, coordinated obviously over three locations, it took money, and it took planning and that always raised the specter of the i.s.i. >>reporter: the plot relied on i.e.d.'s a style we have seen in iraq and afghanistan but the officials say this was sophisticated, and coordinated, and it had a high degree of planning. >> are officials placing significance on the date? >>reporter: the media is reporting the explosions coincide with the birthday of mohammed who is the only surviving gunman from the mumbai assault in 2008, and that commando style assault was effective and relied on ten young pakistani militants who went on a rampage armed with handguns and cell phones and
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backpacks filled with explosives. and the group behind that attack leaves the question if the attack is also linked to that same group. >> thank you from washington. the top republican in the senate offers president obama the power to raise the debt ceiling on his own, as a bipartisan deficit reduction dole appears more and more unlikely. of course the president has proposed reducing the thais' debt through budget cuts and eliminating certain tax breaks for the wealthy. but, republicans, under pressure from tea party conservatives refuse to budge on taxes for top earnings. the senate minority leader mcconnell putting a complex proposal on the table that essentially could enable the president to both raise the $14.3 trillion debt ceiling and own the consequences himself. some say this move is a republican white flag. and others argue it could ultimately help the g.o.p.
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politically. republican and democratic congressional leaders will meet with the president again today at 4:00 their fourth meeting in as many days. and now the news live from the white house. what's the reaction there, to senator mcconnell's proposal? >> the attacks are coming from his right, not the white house, which says that the plan is not what the president would prefer, but at least it recognizes a u.s. government default is not an option. tea party favorite ron paul, texas congressman calls it a betrayal and jake carney said it is not what the president would like because it would not do anything about deficit reduction which was, after all, the whole point of tying the deficit-cutting talks. and house whip does not like it at all. >> no, i don't like the idea of giving up power to raise the debt just to the president. i view we have a responsibility as members of congress to bring
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accountability back to this country. and i would not want to relinquish seeing what the president has done to the economy. >> the plan hikes the debt ceiling if three stages every six months which would ensure that it would be the overriding issue in 2012 election politics. >> the fed chairman bernanke confirmed that the default would affect social security checks for people, right? >>reporter: this of at the president said yesterday in a cbs interview that he might not have a choice. some republicans say he would have options about which of the government bills to pay, but, bernanke does not believe so. here is what he said testifying on the capitol hill earlier. >> soon after that state there has to be significant cuts in social security, medicare, military pay, or some combination in order to avoid borrowing more money. >> tea party favorite bachmann not convinced and says that to say the government would default
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if the debt ceiling is not raised by august 2nd is a misknow per. >> from the white house, thank you, windell. >> a jury hearing opening statements in the hearing of roger clemens. the star pitcher lied under oath about using performance enhancing drugs and clemens could face up to 30 years in prison, if convicted. and it goes back to this statement he made in front of congress back in 2008. >> i have been accused of something i'm not guilty of. how do you prove a negative? no matter what we discuss here today i will never have my name restored. but i've get to try and set the record straight. let me be clear: i've never taken steroids. the jury consists of ten women and two men, and reportedly they include a woman whose cousin coached with the boston red sox while clemens was on the team. but the lawyer who considers u.s. drug laws to be "a bit heavy handed e fox reports chief current live in our new york
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newsroom. jonathan, the opening arguments wrapped up. what did the press think? >> they reminded the jury in this case, john, that this is not about drug use. it's about lying under oath. and they said that roger clemens knew full well when he raised his right hand and swore to tell the truth to congress that he was, in fact, lying about his drug use, and, therefore, guilty of personalry, and they said to prove that he lied, they will introduce evidence such as needles and cotton balls allegedly used by roger clemens then trainer to inject him with steroids and human growth hormone. those exhibits will be then to the jury and that will prove that roger clemens lied to congress. therefore, guilty of perjury. >> and his side, what did the tons have to say? >> they are focusing on that former trainer. they have described him "a dope
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dealer and a continual liar," and they say that evidence, the needles and cotton balls were fabricated by him so that he could avoid criminal charges himself, and they say they are also going to show to the jury that the use of drugs is totally out of character for someone like roger clemens. we have had a couple government witnesses on the stand but obviously what we are all waiting for in this trial will be the appearance of the former trainer himself, and, of course roger clemens, once and still apparently good friend, andy pettitte his teammate who said he, indeed, did use steroids at one point. >> thank you, jonathan. jonathan will chat about this story and others on and you can join the conversation at the prosecution is going after a
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mob boss on 19 murder counts are looking at his girlfriend who is no innocent bystander. the latest on the whitey bulger case. plus, ambush in a courthouse hall way, a murder victim's family and friends piling on the suspect and the guards are caught in the middle.
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>>john: a courthouse brawl. look at this surveillance video from washington. we are told corrections officers were bringing a murder suspect in for trial and friends of the victim rushed in and attacked the guy. you can see them giving him a beating. the victim's father jumped in and on it went. until the cops finally using tasers to get control of the situation. they arrested three of the murder victim's friends on assault and no word of serious injuries. >> f.b.i. agent today testifying that the girlfriend of boston
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crime boss whitey said she liked "bad boys." the 60-year-old girlfriend in court for bail awaits trial on charges of harboring a fugitive and the feds picked her up when they caught the boss in california after 16 years on the run. bulger is facing charges related to 19 murders in the best area. the feds also recently released surveillance video that shows bulger's girlfriend going interest a pharmacy to get him a prescription using fake i.d.'s. and now the news from boston. what's the latest on her bail situation? molly: the easiest way to put it, there hasn't been a decision. she goes back to jail under a voluntary order of detention without prejudice which means the judge is still looking at the evidence and the information that come to pass in court today four -- for what will make the
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decision. the defense argues she is no violent criminal and no individual that was deeply involved in bulger's actions. instead, she was just his girlfriend and she ran away with him for love, and bulger was the master mind that organized the i.d. and cash and travel but prosecutors say show had the information of how to runaway, and possibly there could be more hidden cash and a contingency plan if place. a family member accused whitey, the victims' family members spoke in court. listen to what one had to say, whose father was killed in 1982. >> she went knowingly and willingly with him. so, why have any compassion for her. she knew exactly what she was doing when she was getting herself interest. that judge, her defense quoted many time, she a very intelligent woman, a very nice woman. i don't doubt that one bit but this woman has been rolling around the planet with the most
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wanted man. molly: association family members of the family that whitey is accused of killing do not have sympathy for her and she believe she took part in helping to aid him in the run the last 16 years and the judge has yet to decide whether she will actually get bail. >>john: what a story in boston. thank you, molly. word, today, that the rebels in libya have been lotting towns where they is gained control, andburns hems of muammar qaddafi after the month long uprising continues, with an offensive to retake a front line in western libya in the far from tripoli but leaders vowed to take back criminal and now claim that they have done so after months of back and forth in the war-torn nation there is still no sign that either side is willing to give up the fight. >> well, the scanners, pat downs, con fuzzing -- confusing
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rules, what has this meant for airline safety, tens of thousands of security breaches according to congress with details from a new report next.
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>>john: at the pentagon we expect to hear from sergeant first-class arthur petri. yesterday, president obama presented the sergeant with the medal of honor for actions during a battle in afghanistan. the sergeant picked up a live grenade and tried to throw it away. it went off but he could release it. the blast cost him his right hand but he saved two of his fellow soldiers in the process. after he received a prosthetic hand he stayed in the army and
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went back to afghanistan for an eighth deployment. >> you lose track of time because you are so busy overseas and i ran interest a tent where we keep our food and i was going to grab a few snacks in case we got stuck over a long period of time and the guy would have extra food because you never know how long the mission will take but ... i walked into a tents and it is decorated like the 4th of july and i am looking around and i am like, joe know what date it is right now and there is a sheet cake and i look down and it says "happy memorial day." and that's how i got the grasp of what day it was in the calendar. i knew the date, may 26th but not the significance. i last track of time we were so busy that rotation. we get on the helicopter and going out and i was nervous
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because it kind of evens the odds a little bit more, i would not say "even," but a lot better and gives them higher percentage ratings, anyway, we get in as soon as we land and we are immediately taking immense amount of contact and sparsely vegetated to give you an idea the terrain, it was a lot of mud walls, some farm fields, vegetation, and, then, really urban environment, a rural environment, rather, and just about four or five different compounds in a small area and as we moved up we take contact and my platoon leader, i was supposed to be the senior for the headquarters when we get into the compound, one of the
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main target buildings, and i see another young ranger leading his squad into a compound. i break off from my platoon leader and i said i would go help them, and they will probably need some assistance because it was a larger compound and i moved in, followed with his squad, and at that point they went in to clear a building in the back ... i can't remember what ... north or northwest i think it was. anyway, it was in the back corner, diagonal from us at 10:00 from where we entered. >>john: army sergeant first-class justin petri, rather, leroy arthur petri is the most recent recipient of the medal of on, you can see it on the blue rib been he is
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wearing. he is shaking hands with the president and his right hand is now a prosthetic device after being blown off in afghanistan. his unit, he was telling us in the statement at the message, the unit came under very heavy tall -- taliban attack and he grabbed a grenade and threw it away and in the process it took off his right hand but it also saved the lives of two of his fellow soldiers. for that he is a living recipient of the medal of honor and those are sadly rare occurrences. >> brand new concerns that our nation's airports according to newly released documents from the department of security, there have been more than 25,000 security breaches since november of 2001 and we are told that includes more than 14,000 people getting interest restricted
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areas. and 6,000 cases of people or budget acknowledge bypassing government screeners. this comes after folks discovered two stun guns in a man's checked luggage on sunday, at j.f.k. airport in new york. two daze before that a cleaning crew found a stun gun left behind on a jetblue plane at newark airport. and earlier this month, officials accused a nigerian american man of getting interest a cross country many with an expired boarding pass issued in someone's else name. the transportation security agency says the breaches represent a small fraction of 1 percent of the billions of people who pass through the nasa's airports and a statement from the t.s.a. reads in part "many of the instances were thwarted or discovered in the act." "they were reported, investigated, and remedied." and it continues "airports today are safer than ever before." and now, we have president of
3:25 pm
the consulting and research firm for the airline industry. pretty stunning statistics and unsettling, as well. there are a lot of these going on each day, michael. >>guest: these are not incidents, these are proof that the t.s.a. does not work. to say it is a very small percentage, well, on the morning of december, rather, accept accept, -- september 11th a very small message of the people involved there. we had warnings. we are no safer than before and people would say that, do not swallow it. we not safer. >>john: what is the t.s.a. supposed to do after spending billions on the screening machines we see in action right now? >>guest: keep in mind, the people in the blue shift whose screen you and they are screeners, not officers, they are nice people and victims, too, because they are trapped in a bureaucracy that was set up to
3:26 pm
fail bluntly. it was simply a knee-jerk reaction. this is not a security organization. security protects our system so it will work. these people shut it down when they see a knife. >>john: here is what the t.s.a. said and well put it on the screen, the numbers, meaning the 25,000 incidents, represent a small fraction of 1 percent of the more than 5.5 billion travelers which is more than 450 airports nationwide we have seened effectively since september 11th and they say they doing the job. >>guest: that is not effective. how do they know? to say it is 1 percent, so what? if you miss 1 percent, how many others are missed? that is insulting statement to make and assumes the american public and the congress are a bunch of morons. when you have these things happen, you start to fire people. no one gets fired at the t.s.a. >>john: we saw that embarrassing senator of the 95-year-old woman a few weeks
3:27 pm
ago, where they get into her diaper. is it because they are not profiling? they are not picking out the people who are lodge school threats they are going after everyone and painting us all with the same birthday brush? >>guest: they are and the reality is september 11th was not a failure of passenger screaming but a wider failure, the back door of our airports are wide open. they are more concerned with what is inside of a baby's diapers than the cement truck working on the ramp redoing the runway. so the reality is, this really is an embarrassing situation and the people are not competent at the top. we will not be safer if we put up with this. >>john: michael, thank you. casey anthony, getting out of jail in just a few days and there are reports a florida mom might soon be unrecognize ability. we will toll you what the lawyers say about that and
3:28 pm
details of her new legal trouble next.
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3:32 pm
her local problems are not over. texas equusearch filed suit this week claiming they spent time, money, and manpower looking for caylee when she knew all along her child was dead. remember that is what the defense lawyers said in court when they argued that the little girl died by accident and the family tried to cover it up. >> we have done what we felt was necessary to do. and now we will see if the system is going to work. hope we don't get the same jury. >> meantime there are reports that casey anthony is planning to get a major makeover when she leaves jail. and now, phil is live with the news in south florida. phil: well, casey anthony is clearly very aware of the degree of hatred among some out in the public toward her being free on sunday and she is concerned as is her against team for her safety and well-being, but, a
3:33 pm
recent story from the chicago "sun times" quoting unnamed source close to the defense team saying that she is planning on, perhaps, living the life of a former mobster in a similar to a federal witness protection program, and maybe adopting a name and trying to alter her appearance. well, according to a defense team member we spoke with this morning, don't believe a word of it. "i don't know where they are getting that from, it is a crock," just b.s.," the biggest concern is getting out of jail and safely. we will keep her safe and give her options. it is her decision on where she goes. whether show decides to stray in the orlando area or get out of the state for a short period of time. we will have to find out on sunday, and as soon as midnight bells click on sunday night, into sunday morning, rather, saturday night, that is any time, that 24 hour period she could be released from jail where she has been living in protective custody for most of the past three years, and that
3:34 pm
protection provided for her by the taxpayers of orange county, florida, will end when she walks out the gate. >> and we learn her mother will in the face perjury charges. why not? phil: good question. the states attorney office from the 9th circuit not releasing an explanation for that, only saying that senator difficult anthony will in the face personalry charge. it seemed obvious that cindy anthony during the trial of her daughter did commit perjury on the stand, and shocking everybody by testifying that she was the one in mid-march of 2008 searching for clerk fill and chloroform on the home computer when a couple of days later other witnesses, her former co-workers testified with work records proving that she was actually at work. but, no perjury charges. as for her and urge joe, they have been thrown under the bus by the daughter so it does not seem like casey anthony is going to be spending any time on hope spring drive after she gets out
3:35 pm
of jail. >>john: thank you, phil. and greta sat down with the jury foreman from the casey anthony murder trial, part three of the interview airs tonight. "on the record," at 10:00 eastern right here on fox news channel. fresh fallout from the british tabloid hacking scandal. there is a backlash over the hacking scandal on "news of the world." staffers at the newspaper hacked into the voice mail accounts of people who they were covering. and news corps has shut down the tabloid, but, the controversy continues and executives knowledge that the deal was not going to happen. to a statement, the company deputy chairman said "we believe that the proposed acquisition by news corporation would benefit both companies but it has become clear that it is too difficult to progress if this climate."
3:36 pm
and the british prime minister put it more strongly. >> what has happened to this company is disgraceful and must be addressed, and they should stop thinking of mergers when they have to sort out the mess they created. john general he is -- >>john: in washington, senators are questioning whether news corporation broke u.s. laws. they have asked the justice department and the securities and exchange commission to investigate. >> president and congressional leaders set to get together at the white house in 25 minutes for the 4th meeting in as many days on the debt ceiling. as we report the earlier, there is know deal on raising the employment without budget cuts, or with budget cuts attached, because republicans, under pressure from tea party conservatives, will in the agree to tax hikes on the wealthy. now some republicans are lashing out at the senate minority leader's proposal that could give the president the power to
3:37 pm
raise the $14.3 trillion debt ceiling himself. and now wednesday's with juan from washington, fox news political analyst, juan williams what mcconnell has proposed is complicated and it does not seem to make a lot of people happy. can you explain how it works, juan. >>juan: sure, the idea is the president would propose exactly how he would go about raising the debt limit, what cuts he would make, so he would have to lay out what he would cut throughout the budget and send it over to the congress and the congress could pass it or turn it down, and then the president would have the right to veto it, potentially, and it would go back and if only a third of the member sheriff the house would vote for it it would go into law so essentially the president and
3:38 pm
a third of the congress, democrats, could pass it and they would take responsibility. that's what mcconnell had in mind that the republicans, especially tea party republicans, could say so they have in part in raising the debt ceiling but it would be up to the president. the way it is prepared it would be done they times over the course of the next year, so it would be a continuing process with time and again the president and the democrats having to raise the debt ceiling almost unilaterally. of court, i don't think mcconnell anticipated the flash that came from grass roots republicans yesterday who said he was making the president king. >>john: and this statement from the head of the tea party patriots which is the largest tea party organization. mcconnell's plan shows he wants it abdicate responsibility for fiscal matters to the president. according to the co-founder and
3:39 pm
national coordinator of patriots and they are steaming. most of them are steaming about the proposal. >>juan: and on the hill today i was hearing from members of the house of representatives, the conservatives, the republicans, they don't like this idea. they want to get back to criticizing the president, and what they call his lack of leadership but i must say that to be on the hill today is to watch republicans in great trauma. they family like they are losing ground in this argument and they are not unified. and they feel as if the split is between the leadership represented by mcconnell, speaker of the house boehner and the like, versus some of the tea party folks who did not want any part of this deal and, certainly did not want anything that would allow presbyterian to make unilateral, take unilateral action to raise the debt ceiling. >>john: he would raise the ceiling three different times in the months leading up to election day, that cannot be good for his re-election
3:40 pm
chances, could it? >>juan: well, they feel this, the democrats would point again to the issue of whether or not republicans were willing to negotiate and that the president, here we go back to the politics of fear, would say he had protected social security, medicare spending and the like. one of the things that came out today, boehner has a private session with reporters saying when it came to real entitlement reform he could never count on what the white house was saying, they were in flux constantly so they are back to the point that, is it politically an advantage to have the president raise the debt ceiling but protect social security or disadvantageous for republicans to be left out of the deal altogether and portrayed as people who were obstructionist to any kind of compromise? >>john: the debt talks resume at the white house in 20 minutes. >> a husband, four wives, and a lawyer. they say they are going to court
3:41 pm
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only one calcium supplement does that in one daily dose. new citracal slow release... continuously releases calcium plus d for the efficient absorption my body needs. citracal. >>john: police departments are set to use controversial new devices that scan people's faces and check that information against a criminal database. it is the mobile offender recognition andw3 information system. 40 agencies have ordered this equipment and using the device could violate people's privacy some say. and now the host of freedom
3:45 pm
watch, senior judicial analyst, judge napolitano. you take your iphone, and it is an app only available to law enforcement, take a picture of judge napolitano or whoever, and it automatically sends it in for screening against the national database of offenders. problem? >>judge napolitano: the police argument is that when you are in public there is no expectation of privacy. it is not like you are behind a door and exposing your face and eyes to the public and the police can see you with their eyes so they can take a picture of you. and anything that more efficiently enables them to identify you to be certain who you are in the interest of public safety, it is less intrusive than physically stopping you and arresting you while they did a background check. that is the government argument. the other argument is, do we really want to live in a society where the police come up to you and take pictures without notice
3:46 pm
or warning or without your permission? this are two sets of pictures. one is 5' away recognizing that handsome face of jon scott and record it every muscle feature and wrinkle that you have. and this is another picture they take from 6" that is intrusive that will identify your iris and our irlists are unique as our our finger presents open open. do we want police coming up to people on the street and taking pictures of our face and iris. >> it was developed in the military so if someone pulls to a check point in baghdad, and they can do a facial recognition scan on this person, and see if they might be retained. >>judge napolitano: do we want the the military techniqueo
3:47 pm
the streets of new york city and how will private individuals react? the last thing the police want is for someone to take their picture. >>john: but if i have in the done anything wrong, why would i care? >> because you care about your personal dignity and living in a society where the people are not if your face wherever you go. would it be easier for the police to take wherever we are to stop us on a whim? of course, for them. but would wants to live in such a society? doing my best to make both sides of the argument here. >>john: judge napolitano always an interesting talk but, thank you. you can scratch the judge weeknights own weeknights at 8:00 p.m. and now new options
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>>john: a polygamist family from "sister wise," will challenges the utah law that makes their lifestyle a felony. the attorney is planning to file suit today in u.s. district court in salt lake city. the family not members of the
3:52 pm
mormon church but an offshoot and the mormon church outlawed the plural marriage 100 years ago. the brokens and the 16 skids moved to nevada in january after utah authorities launched an investigation. the family's attorney releasing a statement reading in part "we believe this case represents the strongest factual and legal basis for a challenge to the criminalization of polygamy ever filed in the federal courts." trace has the news live from los angeles. trace, cody brown is not millionly married to all of the women, right? >>trace: right. he is legally only married to mary but he lives with christine and robin and together they have 16 kids, but, in utah the state law says if you live with more than one woman you can still be convicts of polygamy. the brown family is not suing to change utah's polygamy laws but they just want to be left alone. here is a statement from the attorney saying in that sense it
3:53 pm
is a challenge designed to benefit not just polygamists but all citizens who wish to live their lives according to their own values. if the values run counter to those of the majority in the state, utah has not yet chosen to prosecute the brown family. >>john: what is the brown family saying? >>trace: he says there are tens of thousands of fundamentalist mormon families living in utah and across the country and they are not associated with the mormon church, he says the families are practicing polygamy. and he said and i quote, "we only wish to live our private lives according to our beliefs while we understand that this may be a long struggle in court, it has been a long struggle for my family and other mural families to end the the the stare stereotypes," and utah has not prosecuted anyone for polygamy since back in 2003. >>john: we will see what happens.
3:54 pm
thai, trace. should the state have the right to remove kids from hope if they are overweight? some researchers suggest that in a respected medical journal with details on that ahead. [ male announcer ] it's simple physics...
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do not take celebrex if you've had an asthma attack, hives, or other allergies to aspirin, nsaids or sulnamides. get help right away if you have swelling of the face or throat, or trouble breathing. tell your doctor your medical history anfind an arthritis treatment for you. visit and ask your doctor about celebrex. for a body in motion. >>john: hold the fries, 19 restaurant chains ready to make the kids' menu more healthy with big names including burger king, denny's and i pop increasing fruits and proteins and low fat dairy an a representative from burger king says they will stop adding french fries and soda to the kids' meals. >> an opinion piece in a major medical journal arguing if some cases parents of extremely obese
3:58 pm
children should lose custody? they do not control the weight and it has happened a few times in the united states. now, the all theirs of the article saying putting obese children in foster care is more ethical than performing obesity surgery on them and critics saying that places too much blame on the parents and obese children are the victims of advertising and marketing and bullying, things that parents can not necessarily control. and then there is this before we wrap it up in "studio b," a utah man is in big trouble for what he did on a southwest airlines flight this week. prosecutors say the man assaulted the crew on a flight from los angeles to salt lake city on monday, the weapons of choice? bags of peanuts and pretzels. he could not handle the one hour and 40 minute flight without a smoke and tried to light up an
3:59 pm
electronic cigarettes and the crew said it was against the rules and he was angry and launched the bags of snacks. for the record southwest menu still lists peanuts and pretzels as complementary so he was not wasting his money. we hope no one is allergic to peanuts and now the dow, the dow dug up about 49 points and it is believed that concerns of the greek debt is at the center of the drop. it was up early on positive remarks from bernanke, the chairman of the federal reserve and neil cavuto will is a full report ahead. i am jon scott here for shepard smith. that is it for "studio b" today and now trace is here later for the follow report at 7:00 p.m. eastern, and, did not forget the shep page on and "your world," is n


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